Starter and MOST Fertilizer with TriForce™ (50 Lbs) - Covers Up To 12,500 Square Feet

Starter and MOST Fertilizer with TriForce™ (50 Lbs) - Covers Up To 12,500 Square Feet

Branch Creek Transitional

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Apply Late Summer or Early Fall


A blend of certified organic components from Branch Creek that are designed to build soil health while at the same time providing a responsible amount of natural and synthetic nutrition to help the turf transition to organic. Best for use in conjunction with Evolution Grass Seed to enhance the results. 

Tri-Force with MOST Fertilizer will produce results comparable to fully synthetic alternatives.  Tri-Force is comprised of Paleo, Colony, and BioGrowth.  These three certified organic components are designed to stimulate microbial activity in the soil in order to grow healthy turf with a reduced amount of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. MOST is our slow-release non-burning fertilizer derived from recycled nutrients from water reclamation.  MOST compares to other fertilizer products such as Milorganite.


Apply at a rate of four pounds per thousand square feet.  For best results, use a Synatek 80 Pound Granular Spreader set at 14.


Up to 12,500 square feet. 


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