Entry Nozzle Adapter
Entry Nozzle Adapter

Entry Nozzle Adapter

Branch Creek

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  • Compatible with any professional grade pump sprayer.
  • Compatible with both hand and backpack pump sprayers.
  • Provides the recommended application rate of Entry.
  • Provides the recommended vertical fan spray pattern.

Entry is designed to be applied through any sprayer.  Although some customers prefer one sprayer dedicated to applying Entry, we have many customers who use the same sprayer for multiple purposes.  The Entry Pro Sprayer Adapter Nozzle allows you to change the nozzle on any professional pump sprayer you already own to achieve the recommended rate of Entry.

Entry’s application versatility allows it to be applied through any sprayer, but for best results we recommend using a nozzle that will provide a rate of ¾ gallon per thousand square feet and incorporates a vertical fan spray pattern.  The Entry Pro Sprayer Adapter Nozzle provides the appropriate rate and spray pattern for any professional pump sprayer. 

Achieving the desired application rate is important to achieving the desired performance results.  Too little product applied increases the chance of refreeze.  Applying too much product will unnecessarily increase the application cost of Entry.