Regenerative Turf System™

Soil beneath the average American lawn is so depleted by toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it now depends on them to support growth. Regenerated soil stops this vicious cycle by replacing go-to fertilizers and pesticides with fewer and safer alternatives, soil's natural growth functions are restored.

Dimension® Crabgrass Preventer With Spring Fertilizer

Apply In Early Spring When Daytime Temperatures Consistently Reach The 60s

Dimension® Crabgrass Preventer with Spring Fertilizer is designed to provide season-long crabgrass control while giving your lawn a much needed feeding following a long winters rest.

Crabgrass control features Dimension® which will prevent crabgrass from germinating and kill any crabgrass that has already begun growing up to the first two inches.

LockUp® Weed Control With Spring Fertilizer

Apply In Late Spring Four To Six Weeks After First Application When Daytime Temperatures Consistently Reach The 60s

LockUp® Weed Control with Spring Fertilizer is designed to control a wide range of broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and at the same time keep your lawn green with a springtime dose of fertilizer.

Evolution Grass Seed

  • Apply In The Fall When Daytime Temperatures Are Consistently In The 60s and 70s

  • Evolution Grass Seed is thoughtfully designed specifically to be used in conjunction with a Branch Creek Regenerative Turf or No Tox System. Evolution is blended with Paleo Seed Treatment to provide germination in 10 days or less without using high phosphorus starter fertilizers. Evolution can be used in areas of sun as well as shade.

    Check the seed tag. Other grass seeds on the market will contain more than 1/2% weed or other crop seed. This may not sound like a high percentage, but because weed seeds are smaller than grass seeds it will result in a lawn full of weeds. Evolution contains no weed seed.

MOST Fertilizer With TriForce™

  • Apply In Fall Before Daytime Temperatures Are Consistently In The 50s
  • MOST Fertilizer with TriForce™ is designed to provide great looking turf while building healthy soil in a manner that will improve the Branch Creek Soil Health Score.

MOST is derived from recycled nutrients from water reclamation and is designed to build carbon and organic matter in the soil. TriForce™ is a blend of Paleo, Colony and BioGrowth that is designed to replicate and enhance the biological response and nutrient release that is created by photosynthesis.